About Andrea ...

Lead Dietitian and founder of AFinesNutrition, Andrea, qualified as a Dietitian in 2010 from Kings College London, with a Postgraduate Diploma, following completion of a BSc Biology degree at The University of Leeds, and an MSc Human Nutrition degree from The University of Glasgow. 


Andrea initially worked within adult Dietetic services, including weight management & IBS, and went on to specialise in the field of Child Nutrition, working in various locations in the UK including Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust & Buckinghamshire NHS Foundation Trust.  Andrea continues to work Part Time as a Community Paediatric Dietitian for the NHS.

Andrea also runs a Private practice, AFinesNutrition, offering Private consultations primarily to parents/carers who are struggling with fussy eating or behavioural feeding difficulties of all ages, allergys and intolerances, faltering growth as well as providing general healthy eating advice to those who would like to make sure their child is getting all the nutrients they need for optimal growth and development.  Andrea also works with adults in relation to healthy eating during pregnancy, and to help adults suffering from symptoms of allergy/intolerances or IBS, or those who would like to lose weight.   

Andrea offers both face to face consultations either in a clinic setting, or at your home, as well as follow up appointments which can be arranged via telephone or skype if this is more convenient.   Individual Dietary Analysis Reports can based on food diaries, without a consultation, which can give you a guide into the quality of your diet and whether or not you need to increase certain nutrients.


Andrea is a Mum to two small children and she is aware of the challenges and difficulties many parents face whilst trying to provide a healthy balanced diet for their children.  Combined with her professional training, Andrea will be able to offer reliable and practical advice to help both you and your family.