Does your child refuse to eat, or try the meal you have prepared for them?  Have mealtimes turned in to “battles”?  Is your child very particular about the foods they will eat, and refuse to try anything new?  Children of all ages can develop fussy eating behaviours that are triggered for a range of reasons, and it is an area many parents struggle with.  I often hear “All I want is for my child to eat a decent meal, to eat well, so that they will grow well” and although a simple request, it can be very difficult to achieve in real life.  Andrea will listen to your concerns and provide strategies and mealtime obseravation/support to help overcome these challenges, and transition your family to a more relaxed and happy mealtime.



Are you nervous about introducing solid foods into your baby's diet for the first time?  Or are you concerned whether you are giving your baby the right foods?  Is your baby struggling with different textures, or gagging on lumpy food? Andrea can provide you with information and support on how to introduce solids to your baby, and how to progress your baby onto a healthy diet for optimal growth. 



Are you worried that your child is not getting the right nutrition?  By keeping a 3, 5 or 7 day food diary, Andrea can look in depth at your child’s diet and provide you with a written report detailing your child's nutritional intake, including vitamins and minerals.  This service is also available for adults.  A face to face  or telephone consultation can then be arranged if you would like to discuss how to improve the nutritional quality of the diet further.



Is your child often tired or run down?  Or have they recently had a blood test to indicate iron deficiency?  Andrea can look at your child’s diet to assess the nutritional quality and advise on how to increase iron levels to the diet if this is what’s required.


In our busy worlds of today, it can be difficult to think about meal planning for you and your family.  Andrea can teach you how to cook in a more healthy way and support you in creating a balanded diet based around foods that you and your family enjoy.





Has your child been diagnosed with an allergy?  Or are you concerned your child has an intolerance to a specific food?  Andrea will help to guide you as to how your child can follow a healthy balanced diet whilst avoiding the known allergen/s, or foods that your child may not tolerate.  We can arrange a brief phone call prior to your consultation to ensure that this is the right service for you.



We often hear the term “healthy eating” but what does this actually mean? The range of quirky diets out there seem never ending, changing month to month, year to year, intending to give us the motivation to change, but instead leaves us with a feeling of guilt and disappointment that it hasn't had the desired effect we were intending to see.  Andrea will use a simple, uncomplicated approach to help you to achieve a healthy diet, to promote a healthy weight, that will fit in with your lifestyle.  Any “diet” should be achievable and sustainable, and a role model for your children as they grow.  It may not be easy, but it will be worth it.



When you first find out you are pregnant, it can be a bit of a struggle to find out what you can and can’t eat, with lots of different internet sites and well-meaning friends/family giving different advice.  Andrea can help ou to choose foods that may help to alleviate the common symptoms some women experience during pregnancy such as morning sickness or heartburn, and Andrea will guide you towards a healthy balanced diet, to make sure you are doing the best you can to help your baby to grow and develop.